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Doubledisc Valve



CAD Drwings

The angled configuration of the disc and stem of the MINIDISC valve has been carefully re-engineered into a double-disc, sharing one stem and controlling two ports.

  • TRUE TEE CONFIGURATION This unique disc design creates a true T configuration sanitary divert valve. A half turn of the handle causes quick, positive shut-off in one port and opens the other port completely.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE No more slow, costly rebuilding! Just two low cost seats and two stem "O" rings are the only parts that will ever need attention. They can be replaced in a few minutes...in the field!
  • SANITARY...OF COURSE! Like all Lumaco valves. Built to conform to the most stringent sanitary requirements, entirely of highly polished stainless-steel, 304 or 316 grade. It is flush draining and has no sump. Two leak detector holes warn operator of faulty stem "O" rings. It meets all 3A standards and is suitable for all food or sanitary applications.
  • DESIGN BONUS Because it is a disc valve, the DOUBLEDISC offers lower flow resistance than the standard divert valve. It is hydraulically balanced and excellent as a regulating valve: the handle remains in any desired position.
  • AUTOMATION The same double-acting rack and pinion air actuator, time-tested on the MINIDISC valve is available for the DOUBLEDISC: specify air-to-air or air-to-spring. A microswitch or microswitch/solenoid unit in a housing may be ordered as an accessory.
  • LEAK DETECTOR OPTION Another disc and stem is added to control the third port (Fig. 2). The option is available manual or air actuated using two actuators to control two stems and three discs.
  • COST COMPETITIVE...YES! Highest quality at a reasonable cost...We wouldn't have it any other way!

 2 Double disc and stem
 4 Stem "O" Rings: Buna (standard), Viton®, EPDM, Silicone (on request) (Interchangeable with MINIDISC)
 5 Seats: Buna, Silicone, Teflon, Viton® or EPDM (interchangeable with MINIDISC)
 6 Ferrule: Available clamp end: DD-MP or weld end DD-W.
 7 Clamps: Standard heavy duty stainless steel clamps, same size as the pipeline.



2 1/2"

 A 47 57 64
B 47 57 64
C (DD-MP) 77 87 94
C (DD-W) 71 81 88
D 80 100 105
E 174 214 233


1 Valve Body 6 Ferrule adapter
2 Disc & Stem New style 7 Heavy-Duty Clamp
3 Handle New style 8 Set Screw LUD 7 disc & stem
4 Stem "O" ring (2) 9 Spring
5 Seat 10 Handle Release Button


Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers.



The all stainless steel actuator for the DOUBLEDISC® mounts quickly on the stem housing of the valve. A set screw allows removal in seconds. The disc stem of the air-actuated valve terminates in a square shaft. This fits into a brass coupling which, in turn, connects to the pinion gear. Two brass racks govern the 180° rotation as the air or springs control the two pistons.

The actuator is available air-to-open/ air-to-close or air-to-open/ spring-to-close (fail-safe). If the air supply should fail, the valve can be operated manually by turning the exposed square ended gear shaft. A double-acting microswitch or microswitch/solenoid valve, in a housing, is offered as an accessory. It mounts easily on top of either actuator.

Efficient, rugged and reliable, the double-acting rack and pinion actuator is the perfect compliment to the DOUBLEDISC® valve.

Also Available: Adjustable actuator model.


The unit can be installed on either actuator. Air-to-Air or Air-to-Spring. The cam is bolted into the gear shaft and rotates with the disc, triggering one switch valve when the valve is fully open, the other when fully closed. ALSO AVAILABLE WITH SOLENOID VALVE.