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MINIDISC VALVE 3A A disc shut-off valve, originally developed for dairy tanks. Used for liquid, powder, slurry or aggressive environments (with Teflon seat and Calrez® 'O' rings).

DOUBLEDISC VALVE 3A A Take-off on the Minidisc- in "T" divert configuration.

BETTERFLY VALVE The workhorse of the line- a heavy-duty model at moderate prices - The Betterfly!

CHECK VALVE 3A Used to prevent back-flow of product in the line. This spring-loaded check features a Teflon-guided disc & stem. The Smooth Mover!

PLUG VALVE 3A Our ITC interchangeable Teflon encapsulated stainless plug is used in 2 or 3 way applications when completely unrestricted flow is needed.

SLIMLINE BALL VALVE 3A For 2 way applications only, in tight spots, where unrestricted flow is desired.

N7 AUTOMATIC AIR VALVES 3A A really heavy duty model available in all configurations, switches, solenoid, fieldbus... For ASEPTIC applications, request the NB7 with stainless bellows.

PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES Can be used as a security measure or as a bleed point to prevent cross contamination. Available in several ranges of psi and field adjustable within each range.

Guide To Seat and "O" Ring Material Selection

Calrez® is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers.