Welcome to Lumaco! Ideally suited for cheese, milk, yogurt, dry ingredient, juice and beverage production, Lumaco valves and parts have been carefully designed and selected to provide our customers with optimal value and performance.

Lumaco’s high-quality valves and parts have been engineered with unique features and characteristics to tackle the rigorous environments of food, beverage and dairy production facilities. Engineered for compliance as well as performance, Lumaco boasts several lines of valves meeting the requirements of 3-A Sanitary Standards – critical for the regulatory requirements of the industries we serve.

Our own Minidisc® line of valves meets the requirements of 3-A Sanitary Standards and is found across many applications. The Minidisc® series is offered in several sizes: 1 1/2″, 2″ and 2 1/2″ with a maximum rated in-line flow pressure of 120psi and 3″, 4″ and 6″ models with a maximum rated in-line flow pressure of 80psi. Constructed of grade 316 stainless steel, the Minidisc® is offered with a long list of options for customization, from choices of seat materials and locking handle to actuation and microswitch operation.

Born from the Minidisc®, Lumaco’s Doubledisc line of valves boasts the same robust 316 grade stainless steel construction, easy disassembly and also meets the requirements of 3-A Sanitary Standards. Doubledisc is a true “T” sanitary divert valve, with one stem controlling two ports. With half turn operation, single stem control of two ports and optional locking handle, the Doubledisc can fit a wide range of process requirements. Designed for value as well as performance, the only elements that ever need replacing are the two seats and two stem O-rings

The N7 rising stem compression-type valve series is another of Lumaco’s own product lines meeting the requirements of 3-A Sanitary Standards. Clean-in-place and aseptic models are available in shut-off and divert configurations with standard choice of weld or tri-clamp connections. All models of Lumaco’s N7 automated air-actuated compression-type valves are available in 1″, 1 1/2″, 2″, 2 1/2″ and 3″ sizes. Recent additions to this product line include pressure reducing and aseptic pressure reducing valve models and the option of DIN 11864 and ACME threaded type connections in place of standard connections to serve the changing needs of our customers!

Lumaco Betterfly valves are available in 100, 120 and 150psi models and in-line sizes that range from 1″ to 6″ depending on pressure requirements. This innovative valve features a heavy-duty gasket for no-leak operation, symmetrical design for interchangeability, and a disc that operates parallel to flow when fully open, minimizing flow impedance. Moreover, with a multi-position handle, the Lumaco Betterfly valve can also operate as a flow regulator.

Innovative product lines with unique features have made Lumaco a go-to supplier for sanitary valve products across the globe. Contact our Sales Department directly for more information and a personalized service experience.

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