Double Disc Valve

Lumaco’s Doubledisc valve features an angled design where two controlling ports share one stem. This “T” configuration effectively diverts your product at the turn of a handle, sealing off one port while opening the other. The Doubledisc offers leak-proof sealing, easy operation, and long service life.

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Doubledisc Valve Features

Key advantages of our Doubledisc valves include:

Easy Maintenance

There are only two low-cost elements on the Doubledisc valve that periodically need replacing: two seats and two stem O-rings. These readily available parts can be switched out quickly by hand, without requiring special tools. Easy, affordable maintenance eliminates costly downtime and boosts productivity.


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Doubledisc Valve Features

Doubledisc valves have been thoughtfully engineered to meet the requirements of 3-A Sanitary Standards. Unlike other types of divert valves, the Doubledisc valve is flush draining, with no sump. The valve also comes with two leak detecting holes to warn operators of damaged stem O-rings. Our Doubledisc valves are available in 2-inch, 2.5-inch, and 3-inch sizes.

Effective Design

Doubledisc valves are hydraulically balanced, which means they offer excellent product regulation and lower flow resistance than other divert valves. Doubledisc valve seats and O-rings are offered in a variety of seat materials: buna, silicone, EPDM, FKM, and PTFE. Clamp, weld, or threaded inlets and outlets; spring-locking handles; and air actuation can be added to the design to optimize performance for your unique application.


Doubledisc valves can be manually or automatically operated. The optional double-acting rack and pinion air actuator for the Doubledisc is available in air-to-air or air-to-spring configurations. Operators can also add a stainless steel microswitch or solenoid unit as an accessory.

Doubledisc Valve Types

  • Manual Doubledisc Valve: The original Doubledisc valve has one stem and a pair of controlling ports.
  • Air-Actuated Doubledisc Valve: The disc stem of this valve ends with a square shaft, which slips into a brass coupling connected to the pinion gear. Two solid brass racks control the 180° rotation, while air or springs control the pistons.
  • Custom valves: We can also customize your valve with special finishes to fit your application. Services include electropolishing and valve etching.

Doubledisc Valve Applications

Applications for Doubledisc valves are similar to those for Minidisc® valves. Initially developed for the dairy industry, Doubledisc valves continue to facilitate crucial everyday operations for this industry. They perform particularly well in aggressive environments, and can process powder, liquid, or slurry with ease.

Doubledisc Valves for the Food, Beverage, and Dairy Industries

Lumaco’s Doubledisc valves offer a variety of benefits, such as easy maintenance, sanitation, excellent design, automation, and built-in leak detection. Food, beverage, and dairy companies require sanitary divert valves for safe, optimal productivity. We offer two main types of Doubledisc divert valves as well as additional options for customization. For more information about our valves, contact us or request a quote.